Newborn Photography: What's in My Camera Bag?

There's probably no better feeling than the one that comes with welcoming a newborn into the family. It is one of the most beautiful moments any family can dream of. The issue, however, is that this moment, as beautiful as it is, doesn't last forever as we would want it to end. So, getting to know that you can capture and immortalize it becomes one of the most rewarding feelings you will ever know.

All you need to do us to hire a professional newborn photographer with all the required skills to handle each session and boom! Your newborn photography session is as high as it should be.


Do you find the business of newborn photography exciting? Also, do you want to get into it either as a full-time career or hobby? Then you must have specific items to get this business going. Some things can easily fit into your bag.

Sometimes, you might need to go to a location with your car, to get other heavy newborn photography equipment to the set. Here are some of the must-have photography items to get started.

Newborn Photography Items in My Bag

Newborn Photography Items in My Bag

• Professional DSLR Camera

There's no better thing to start with than from the first and most obvious item for every photographer to have. Thankfully, most modern cameras can fit into a photography bag, so that' shouldn't be so much of a photographer. As a newborn photographer (especially when starting), you should understand that your comfort is the essential step towards taking outstanding pictures. Hence, you should get a camera that you are comfortable with. Usually, experts suggest that you go for anything you like.

But, we advise that you pick something that falls between the midrange to high-end spectrum. It should come with a bigger sensor. That's because these specifications would help you capture clean, high-quality baby images without the need to use a flash.

Professional DSLR Camera

These specs are essential because you are photographing a baby; hence, you need to handle each session with care. Babies don't post or suggest effects like adults, so you need to own a camera that will aid your growing expertise.

If you are confused about what to buy, you can read up articles online that highlight different midlevel newborn photography cameras and their specifications. They will help you make informed decisions as you move to choose from the plethora of options available in' today's market. You may also want to check our post - A Newborn Photographers Guide to Camera Selection.

• Lenses - Prime and Macro

You've probably heard the word lenses in the passing once or twice. If you've taken a photography class, then this shouldn't be a problem for you. However, if not - a lens is an integral part of the photography camera that allows for quality photos.

As mentioned in our post "What Lens Do You Use Most in Newborn Photography?", usually, a standard lens would do just fine. But, if you desire to own a few more options, then a prime lens would do just fine for taking newborn photos. It is mainly because prime lenses come with larger apertures while maintaining their compact size. The top lens offers sharper, better-quality images.

Lenses - Prime and Macro

A macro lens is another thing that can fit into your photography bag if it is your preferred option. It is a must-have on the handbag of every newborn photographer. Also, it takes close, high-quality shots of the baby's eyelashes, fingers, lips, toes, and other tiny details easier.

• Backdrops

Backdrops are the stuff to include in your photography bag. You should use them if you want to take newborn photographs at a professional level. But you don't have to own everything. You can start by adding merely a few basic ones in your photography bag.

Just be sure to have a mix of solid and patterns that you can interchange and merge to form a perfect backdrop. You can also have small soft blankets to use for improvisation. If you still have questions, you can follow the tips explained in our post - 5 Tips to Use Digital Backdrops in Newborn Photography.

• Props

When it comes to taking newborn photographs, photography props are indispensable. They are great to bring life into the photos, mainly because your model would not be doing so much posing. So, why not? Throw some beautiful and functional photography props into your back. After that, have them transform your photos from basic to something extraordinary.

For starters, you can go on with some of the usual newborn proof like baby-sized angel wings, adorable little hearts, blankets, smaller toys, headbands, and other beautiful costumes. The goal is to pick what your bag can contain.

• Basic Cleaning Items

Remember that it's a newborn photography session, so you should expect anything. You would possibly need to photograph the baby at some point without any clothes or diapers. Hence, you should prepare for potential inevitable. Do it by stocking your photography bag with paper towels, baby wipes, or any other cleaning items that are baby-safe.

Newborn Photography Items in My Car

After learning about smaller photography items to have in the bag, let's talk about the bigger ones. You would need these items to carry to the studio or whatever location you would use for the newborn photography session.

• Pop-Up Reflectors And Stand

Over time, we've seen so many debates on the safety of flashes and studio lights on a newborn. There's so much fuss that photographers are beginning to be cautious and adopt the use of natural lights. For this reason, pop-up reflectors have become a significant part of photography equipment.

You can even add an optional light stand and a reflector holder to each reflector when going for a gig if you want. You can carry it as long as your car is spacious enough to take them all.

Newborn Toes and Fest Reflector

• Softbox

Still, on the matter of lighting, there are times when you would have to photograph where there is no natural lighting. In such cases where natural light is unavailable, artificial studio lighting becomes the easy run to the alternative.

If you are opting for such artificial lightings, then softboxes could help you get the perfect level of illumination that's healthy for a newborn. They can help you create a level of brilliance that's very close to natural lights.

If you don't have a softbox and want to buy one for your next project, then feel free to check our post before purchasing - Newborn Photography Lighting Equipment Shopping Guide.

• Mini-beds, couches, etc.

It may sound like overkill, but sometimes, you need this stuff. As you already know, you will need to have a comfortable place for your tiny subject throughout the photography session. That's because it is part of what guarantees a good outcome for every shot. The problem with going for an outside-the-studio job is that you are not sure about the presence of stuff in their homes.

So, why take risks at the detriment of your efforts when you can throw a few things that you would need into your car and move off without stress. It can be anything safe and soft enough for the baby to be comfortable on.

• Space Heaters

Things have changed so quickly, and you don't need to put the baby at any more risks when you want to take nude pictures of them. Not when you can get a beautiful gadget that can keep the room warm enough for them. These space heaters are small and significant for doing the job correctly. They will not even heat the whole room if you' don't want. They will concentrate on warming the area. 

To Wrap Up

Newborn photography is one of the most fulfilling jobs ever – being part of the excitement a parent has during the early days of their babies. You can stand yourself out by owning the equipment highlighted above for excellent shots.