Tips on How to Take Better Black and White Newborn Photos

Newborns are extremely cute and adorable, and taking their pictures would be the best thing to do. We can observe the development of a lot of modern trends when it comes to taking photographs. Thus, applying them with newborn photography is just so amazing.

Among all tones for photography, black and white usually stand out. Seeing newborn photos in black and white tones gives the picture a classic vibe. It makes you feel nostalgic seeing those black and white newborn photos.

Tips on How to Take Better Black and White Newborn Photos

However, creating a black and white photo is not as easy as it looks. Taking good photography out of it needs a lot of effort and requires the right touch to make it look better.

We can take note of a few considerations to become successful in a black and white newborn photography, and here are some tips on how to achieve it.

Make Sure Your Subject Is in a Good Shape

Unlike other types of photography, newborn photography involves a cute, little human being. And that subject of yours does not accept any negotiation at all. It sounds funny, but yes, newborns don’t care about anything at all. They will cry and move as they wish whenever they wanted to.

If you have observed, most newborn photography has a sleeping baby in it. Taking an infant’s picture while they are asleep is the best time for photographers. Not only that, the newborn is at peace during that time, but you can also move them on a position that you prefer as long as it does not wake them up.

Make Sure Your Subject Is in a Good Shape

It is best to make sure that newborns are feeling good on that day, and it is best to feed them before doing any shoot. Also, make sure that the environment is suitable for newborns since they tend to be sensitive. Black and white newborn photography is not only about photo editing and image conversion. If you are handling a fussy newborn, then make sure you follow these 7 Steps to Manage a Fussy Toddler during a Newborn Photography.

You need to take a perfect photo to do that. So make sure that your subject is at ease to gain cooperation from them while on the shoot.

Choose the Appropriate Camera to Use

Some people said that good pictures are not about the camera used but the talent of the photographer itself. Indeed, this is true, but choosing the most appropriate tool for you would greatly help you bring your new photos to a whole new level.

Monochrome cameras would be suitable for taking black and white pictures, although other cameras are available to use for both colored and black and white settings. Photo editing applications are available as well to do the thing for you, but it always depends on the photographer.

Choose the Appropriate Camera to Use

No matter how good or latest the camera is, it needs dedication. If the photographer is not comfortable using it or doesn’t prefer to use it, then it won’t work. The appropriate camera doesn’t have to be expensive or the latest; it all depends on the needs.

Here's A Newborn Photographers Guide to Camera Selection.

Start Editing Your Picture From a Raw File

Based on some monochrome enthusiasts, monochrome conversions of the pictures are best done by converting images from a raw file. Raw newborn photos will give you the natural color tones and information of that specific image.

It helps the photographer to create an excellent black and white photo out of it. Some cameras will allow you to auto-convert images to monochrome set up for a much better visual of how would the picture look if converted in black and white. For more tips, check our post - 5 Tips to Use Digital Backdrops in Newborn Photography.

Choose the Suitable Contrast, Shape, and Texture

Every picture has its unique details, and it requires a specific touch as well to make it look good. Converting a colored newborn photo to a black and white version would require a lot of expertise to make it look better than the original picture.

And since newborn images focus on one specific medium, finding the right contrast would greatly help in highlighting the subject of the photo.

Adjusting the contrast, shape, and texture will either make or break the black and white newborn photos that you have. So it is a must to focus on every detail of the picture and make sure that all aspects adjusted will create a good outcome.

Choose the Suitable Contrast, Shape, and Texture

For better results, you may need to use the right lens. You can learn more about it here - What Lens Do You Use Most in Newborn Photography?

Try to Use Filters

Filters give an excellent touch in any photography. We hear a lot of filters when it comes to colored photos, but there are specific filters as well for monochrome images. You can use many other filters to manipulate the contrast in black and white. Moreover, you can also use some colored filters to edit some details in a black and white photo.

If you try to observe some black and white newborn photos, you will notice how it is enhanced to highlight the face of the infant or the whole medium. It is the magic of the filters that makes it look so realistic to a whole new level. Sometimes it is unbelievable how some photographers can capture the outstanding quality of the picture and make it seem so beautiful. It is indeed a talent to become a perfect photographer.

But with the help of the latest innovations in photography, taking a good quality black and white picture can be attainable even for non-professional photographers.

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What We Learned While Writing This

Becoming a photographer, especially for newborn photography, is a considerable challenge for any photographer. It is easy to say that a good photographer can create a good picture regardless of what medium to use. However, not all photographers are gifted with versatility in photography. Newborn photography itself hard, making it way harder for black and white photography. Nonetheless, with proper training and understanding, black and white photography can be an excellent and lucrative hobby to do. 

For those who desire to be in this field, please take the time to learn your craft. Understand every detail of this line of job and put your heart into it. Love and compassion towards your art make it easier for you to create a masterpiece. Always open yourself to innovation; that way, you and your photography won’t go out of style.


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