Best Ways To Deliver Your Newborn Photos To Your Clients

Best Ways To Deliver Your Newborn Photos To Your Clients

Photography is a vocation that has a lot to do with skill, perception of light, and interpretation of a theme by a photographer. That is the reason why each newborn photographer has his or her style unique to him. It is something innate which helps in differentiating one newborn photographer from the other.

Aside from the difference in skillset, one of the vital components of newborn photography in this age is the presentation and delivery of products. Yes, you can take spunky clean and beautiful photos, but how do you deliver them to your client in the best and convenient way for both yourself and the client.  

In our previous posts, we have seen the most useful photoshop tips to perfect your newborn photos and the best ways to edit newborn pictures. These posts belong to the post-processing stage of photography. Now, we will consider the next step, i.e., delivering your newborn photos to clients.

Delivering Newborn Photographs To Your Client

That is what this article is basically about."How do I present and deliver my newborn photographs to my clients."We seek to answer this simple question that many amateur newborn photographers may sometimes forget to ask the evolution of technology and emergence of the internet, business process, and the client-customer relationship has been made to morph to suit the times and so has the photography space.

In the past, you could get away with using USBs and hard-drives for delivering photographs but not anymore. If you genuinely want to stand out in such this industry employing such methods could be closing the door to future jobs. There are tons of applications today in which you can deliver your service to your clients in a far better way.

In this article, we will be talking about some of these applications with which you can present your newborn photographs and have them coming back when the next kid arrives. These applications not only help in delivering the clients' work smoothly and seamlessly, but some also serve as a referral tool with which your client can easily refer your service to others that may be seeking it. Here are some of the applications that you may use.


Best Ways To Deliver Your Newborn Photos To Your Clients - pixieset

If you are a newborn photographer that makes active use of online media in your business, then this application, Pixieset is definitely for you. The company which appeared in 2013 has served photographers as an affordable service with which that can deliver photographs to their clients in real-time. It comes with a flurry of great features which include online image proofing and delivery and print sales.

One of its best features is the ability for users to add collections within a particular gallery, thereby giving a more organized set up and ease of access. You can mark photos as favorites and allows you to get real-time feedback from your clients in photo-proofing for printing and photo books.

It has an excellent billing system for prints and digital downloads, which many photographers find, which is a commission-free on print sales with just 15% commission for free accounts. You also have private galleries, pin secure downloads, and lots more.

You can also change the domain name to exclude pixie with custom domain binding if you are not cool with having people share a link that has pixie written all over it. It has a free plan, but you can get 10GB, 60GB, or 1TB for $8, $24, or $40 per month (billed annually).

In all, Pixieset is an excellent application for newborn photographers at the early stage of their business.


Best Ways To Deliver Your Newborn Photos To Your Clients - pass

PASS has been in the photography space since far back as 2011. The application allows the photographer to serve pictures for delivery in Pinterest-style galleries to clients who can easily download them.

One impressive part of the app is the ability for the clients to share the photos on facebook with a link to the photographer. Also, this helps the photographer's visibility on the online space. The application, however, bills $29 per galley and does not give the photographers the ability to set their prices for digital prints.

The interface of the application is crisp, and it is effortless to navigate. It makes use of Adobe Air as its software, which means you would have to go through a series of updates for Adobe Air before you can update PASS.

In all, PASS is a great choice, excellent gallery design and its social shareability makes it a great contender to deliver your newborn photographs to your clients. However, you should always put into consideration the cost of using such a service.


Best Ways To Deliver Your Newborn Photos To Your Clients - Shootproof

It is impossible to compile a list of applications for delivering newborn photographs to clients without including Shootproof. The app has six plans, the least being 100 photos to free up to 100,000 for $50 a month.

With such a wide range of options, you can be sure to find a plan that works for you. The absence of setup and commission fee makes it an excellent solution for photographer heavily involved in print sales.

The application comes with lots of features, but what stands out as one of the best is the LightRoom plugin, which gives users the ability to manage photos much easily form the photo gallery.

The application also has its widget for Wordpress, which means that if you set up your website on WordPress, with the use of the widget, clients can quickly login to access your galleries. One outstanding feature is the Competitor Match program, which offers free credit to Shootproof for any time remaining with a rival service.

Although the interface might not be the best out there, an extensive set of image proofing tools, convenient pricing for each demography, and loads of marketing tools make it a contender. Any newborn photographer who not only intends to deliver their photographs to their clients as easy as they can but also link and market their service online.


Best Ways To Deliver Your Newborn Photos To Your Clients - SmugMug

SmugMug entered the photography space in 2002 in a market where Microsoft, Sony, Canon, and Kodak will come to be. The fact that it has endured that long is already a reason to consider this application.

The application comes does not offer a free plan, but there is a free 14-day trial. You get unlimited storage space and galleries on each project, while additional features like commerce functionality can only be accessed by subscribing to Portfolio( $20 a month/$150 a year) and Business plans ($35 a month/$300 a year).

A business plan, which is the priciest of the whole bunch, comes with a complete proofing system that allows users to mark and share their favorite photos, promotional tools, and custom price lists for different clients.

The durability of the service, business tools, unlimited storage on every plan, and a wide array of themes to pick from makes it a great platform to deliver your newborn photographs to your clients.

Although its interface is not the best out there and some features are restricted to specific plans, it is still a great option. It is a great client gallery system for every photographer.


Best Ways To Deliver Your Newborn Photos To Your Clients - PicTime

Another excellent option for delivering your newborn photographs to your clients is PicTime. This application has a customizable layout and comes with an easy sharing tool that makes it easier to put your work out there in the open.

One of the features that stands PicTime out is that it gives clients a degree of control. Using PicTime, your clients can create their album from their gallery even better is the fact that there is an automated guide to help them out in doing so if they run into any trouble.

With PicTime, you can share and design albums privately to just your client. It also has a portfolio page that can be integrated into your website. The portfolio page makes your online galleries accessible to users as it also comes with SEO features too.

It gives the photographer control over their pricing, letting you set your price for your products. It has a great communication tool that allows photographers to send email invitations to clients and excellent marketing tools like coupons and scheduled email campaigns that would help bolster your sales.

PicTime offers one of the best pricing options as it gives 20GB free storage to uses and $40/month for unlimited storage. In all PicTime is an excellent tool as all others on the list, it offers unique marketing tools, great functionality for both you and the client.

It's an affordable pricing scheme and a great layout to work on. So if you are considering an application to use in delivering your newborn pictographs to your clients, you should also look into PicTime. It might just be the one for you.

The Wrap Up

When you decide to start a newborn photography business, you actually need to consider different stages such as scheduling a photoshoot, capturing great photos, editing them, and finally, making your submission.

Aside from the applications highlighted in this article, there are tons of other high applications that you can make use of as well. PicTime, SmugMug, Pixieset; these are all high applications, each with their strengths and flaws. They all have their own unique individual pricing schemes, which might or might not work for you. It is left for you to look into what you think is best for you and stick with it.