5 Best Reviewed Newborn Photographers of New Orleans, LA

Upon hearing the news that a baby is on the way, new parents often become overwhelmed with decisions. Most perplexed are those inexperienced parents who want everything perfect for their firstborn. The race to ace everything before the arrival of the baby can cause a lot of decision fatigue. One such concern that bugs new parents is the selection of a newborn photographer who can take the perfect pictures of their little one. This step is crucial as photos are timeless, and often is used to introduce the world to your new edition.

A lot of thought must go into picking the right photographer and in a place like New Orleans, parents can get misguided due to many leads claiming to be “the best” photographer in the area. These affairs can be costly as well, so, it is essential that parents weigh their options well.


5 Best Reviewed Newborn Photographers of New Orleans, LA5 Best Reviewed Newborn Photographers of New Orleans, LA


To curb the decision fatigue for all the parents in New Orleans, we scanned the web. After thorough research and taking references from websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack, we have compiled a list of the 5 best photographers in New Orleans, LA.



As new parents or having a new addition to your family it may not always be ideal to get up and go to take photos. For that reason, Tiffany comes to you, the client. Please note; an area of space near a source of natural light is preferred for the best quality images based on her style of work. She is a lover of making memories and grabbing moments that you can reflect on for years to come. She specializes in natural light and event photography. She is a mom of 2 boys and a partner to her love, Tommy. Working full time for an awesome company all the while pursuing her love of photography and learning more every year as she goes. You can contact her at https://tiffanymcenteephotography.com/



Twirl Photography is a boutique portrait studio specializing in custom fine art maternity, newborn, baby, children, and family pictures. Jennifer’s goal is to provide clients with portrait art for their home that captures the essence of who they are through a combination of their aesthetic style and artistic vision. With more than two decades of experience as a professional photographer, Jennifer Zdon sees the world with discerning eyes. She spots the fleeting moments, passing expressions and telling details that show the gravity of any occasion and the spirit of the people she photographs. As an accomplished photojournalist, she finds the visual poetry and subtle beauty in any setting, often working with natural light and available scenery. Jennifer lives in New Orleans with her husband, her daughter, son, and two turtles. You may contact her at https://twirlphotography.com/



At Sweet Honeybee Studios, they celebrate your precious milestones by capturing perfectly timed photos that bring back the same feeling as life’s surprises unfold, whenever you please. Ponder on the memories, cherish the occasion, and keep them frozen in time. When you want to capture life’s treasured memories, Sweet Honeybee Studios will be there with you. Sweet Honeybee specializes in maternity, birth, newborn, babies, children and families. They capture life’s sweet moments with photographs and memories that last a lifetime. Capture that gentle moment when your sweet one has just entered the world, so little, so fragile. Relish that rare moment when you felt the bond between you for the first time. You can check the official site here https://sweethoneybeestudios.com/



Time Worn Tales Photography is a full-service boutique photography studio located in New Orleans that specializes in printed products. These are more than photo sessions – they are amazing experiences that provide memories to last a lifetime. Has your daughter always wanted to be a spring fairy? Teena has got dresses and wings! Does your son want to be Peter Pan? Let’s fly off to Neverland! She prides herself on providing an extraordinary experience for all of her clients, from the moment you first talk, until the delivery of your final products. Her sessions aren’t just about taking photos – they are about making your dreams a reality. You can contact her at https://timeworntales.com/



Annie is a custom photographer offering newborn, baby family and maternity portraiture. Her work has been described by clients as simple elegance. She strives to combine her artistic eye with her Photoshop skills to create beautiful imagery of your tiniest treasures. She believes that there is nothing in this world more perfect than a brand new baby. Her goal as your photographer is to capture the tiny details and personalities of each little miracle you bring to her in a beautiful and artistic way…..the little forehead and back wrinkles, soft swirls of hair and the mother who is cradling her newborn and breathing in its sweetness. She is a believer in quality over quantity. Each photograph you receive is a reflection of her art and is canvas-worthy. Each session styled by her is unique and personalized. Finally and most importantly, newborn safety is her top priority. The greatest care and softest touch are used when photographing your delicate little ones. You can contact her at https://www.anniewhitakerphotography.com/



Now that you have an idea of whom to contact in New Orleans for photographing your baby let’s understand the important nuances to note when hiring a photographer.

  • The first thing one must do while hiring a photographer is to ask the photographer to show his/her previous work. Every seasoned photographer carries a stellar portfolio displaying all of his best work. It will give you an idea of your photographer’s skills.
  • Ask for all the details that will go into the session. For instance, the props that he/she will bring along, the lighting equipment, the camera, etc. You may be unfamiliar with the particulars of these sessions, but asking these questions will give you a rough idea of how well prepared your photographer is.
  • Meet up once for a consultation before the photo session to discuss visions and to make sure that both of you are on the same page. It is during this time you should tell your expectations to the photographer, do not hold yourself back.

There are some additional questions that you can ask the photographer.

For this, you can check our post

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As mentioned above, New Orleans has a plethora of photographers claiming to be the best of the best. Nowadays, it is effortless to create a fake review base to push the clientele, hence only trust authentic and approved websites for such hunts.

A 4.5-star rating must be the average rating of your chosen photographer. Anything too less than 3.9 seems unacceptable.

Everyone must be curious to know the price point at which these photographers operate. Well, in New Orleans the average package is anywhere between $300-$500 inclusive of all the services and at least a 2-3 hour long shoot.

The prices will vary with photographers depending upon their experience, assistance, equipment, and vision. Some may even quote much less than $500, but it all comes down to the quality you’re after.

Now, you can avail of a few offers on these sessions and save a few bucks along the way. You can also visit the location of the photographer to save some money. Or you can book in pairs with your friends to attain higher discounts.

Even booking a photographer through referrals can also get you a special package. So always be on the lookout for these things as they can save you from burning a hole in your pocket.



We understand how important this must be for you. Thus, we want to give you a final tip: do not force yourself to find the cheapest option just for the sake of money. These events are the once-in-a-lifetime kind. They are like an investment. Do not fall prey to the hands of novices or tricksters and do thorough research before selecting a photographer.



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