The 7 Essentials Needed To Be A Rockstar Newborn Photographer

The 7 Essentials Needed To Be A Rockstar Newborn Photographer

Typically, you would think that a "Newborn" photographer would need a decent camera and a couple of your best lenses. Well, in reality, baby photography is more about the baby, and the little prince or princess's mood plays the most prominent role. So, you will have to be the Superman who tricks in the bag about making the best out of a baby. Psst, a little heads up, babies can be cranky at times!

We know you are often overwhelmed by the overloaded cuteness of these newborn infants. However, a newborn photographer has to put a hell lot of effort to capture such precious moments.

You must be wondering about the kind of props and other essentials you will need to be “the newborn photographer.” We have made a list for the must-haves, you need before you start. But, remember, no matter what, the secret recipe to capture the perfect shot is to see, truly see! Never forget – you are an artist, your mind is the canvas and the child is the subject. 

1. The Essentials

Well, of course, you will need the basics covered first. You wouldn’t call yourself a photographer you don’t have the camera and the proper lenses. So, let’s talk about the camera first. There is no exact camera that we want you to buy. However, you will not be a professional photographer with your “almost-a-DSLR smartphone.” You should get yourself a DSLR camera. Which one should you get? Well, it is totally up to you. The best of the best camera will not help you shoot better images; the camera you are comfortable with will truly help on the contrary. Though, we would suggest you get a mid-range DSLR at least. Even if you are running short on budget, getting a decent camera is nothing but a good investment. 

Okay, let’s assume that you have the camera. What about the lenses? Yes, a standard kit lens can help you get started. But you would want some great lenses in your arsenal. For example, a prime lens will be a game-changer. A prime lens is a perfect tool for shooting portraits. The larger aperture will help shoot better images without relying on the flash ever, and you don't want to scare the newborn with scary-bright flashes. Other than the prime, you should get yourself a macro lens too. With a macro lens, you can capture the cute little hands and feet with finer detail. Shooting better close shots will make you even a better photographer.  

So, after having both of these essential items you just need to use them properly. In case if you don't know more about it, then check out my post where I talk about the best camera setting and lens combination for newborn photography.

2. Proper Lighting

Proper Lighting is NOT Just Another Option as we have said already, you shouldn't use flashes during newborn photography. Such sudden lights might scare the baby and could ruin the whole session. It would be ideal for you to shoot in the natural ambiance. So, how should you get the best out of the natural light? The answer would be using reflectors. You could use an extra pair of hands for holding the reflector or use reflector stands if you are on a low budget.

Okay, let’s consider the worst-case scenario – you don’t have the option for natural light. You don’t want to hand over some dark, grainy images to your client, do you? In that case, you will have to get a softbox. The softbox is a great alternative to the natural light as it would create an almost natural ambiance.

Quick Note: "Lighting" is not a small topic when we talk about photography. There is so much more to consider about it. Check out this thorough guide to learn more about newborn photography Studio lighting.

The 7 Essentials Needed To Be A Rockstar Newborn Photographer proper lighting

3. What About the Background?

There are two options for the background – either use pre-made backdrops or use your creativity for better backgrounds. If you are in a studio, you should go for the artificial backdrops. They could be patterns and just simple solid colors. The lighter the backdrop is, the better images would turn out. Some even use soft blankets as the background. Whatever option you are going for, you will need stands and clamps. If you are shooting outdoors, obviously these no need to get the backdrops let the natural beauties charm up the frame.

The 7 Essentials Needed To Be A Rockstar Newborn Photographer background

4. Let Them Be Comfortable

Newborn babies are one of the most delicate things on earth. You don't want to do anything to ruin their mood. So, do whatever you can to keep them comfortable. The parents are your best friends in this case. But you don’t want to shoot every photo having the parents holding their babies. It would be too dull and boring an album. So, you will need to have something comfortable and clean to put the babies. We are talking about tiny beds, beanbags, towels, etc.

The 7 Essentials Needed To Be A Rockstar Newborn Photographer comfort

5. Props Are Important

Props can be witty elements in the photos. The newborn babies will not be giving you poses so props can bring great changes to break the monotony here. Choosing the props require a lot of creativity. These props could give meaning to the shots. For example, think of a bamboo basket where a newborn is lying peacefully, tucked under a comfortable blanket. There are a lot of options to go for – toys, stuffed animals, superhero costumes, etc. the only limit here is your own imagination.

The 7 Essentials Needed To Be A Rockstar Newborn Photographer props

6. Things Could Get Crapp.....Literally!

You must be prepared for "newborn accidents!" Don't worry; we are not talking about car crashes here. The newborns don't have control over their bladder or bowel (as if that was a shocker!). If you are shooting them au naturel, things could get messy. As a professional, you should be prepared for these occurrences. So, you should have baby wipes or potty pads in stock. But remember, baby skin extremely delicate and you don't want to use anything that could cause skin irritation or any kind of discomfort.

7. Be a Professional

Creative minds don’t have a good business sense generally. However, you are putting your efforts into something and buying all these elements for giving the parents nothing but the best you can offer. You should act professional and handle the business as you should be. Prepare different forms, necessary documentation, and, of course, written agreements. These formalities will give your clients a clear picture of what to expect from you and what not to. If you are new to this field or want to learn something new, then go through my popular post where I have revealed steps to start a newborn photography business.

Final Words. So, this was our idea of what you must need to get your newborn photography business up and running. That's not a big list if you ask us. What do you think? Please, let us know your thoughts!