Space Saving Tips for a Travelling Newborn Photographer

How do you pack when you have to do a newborn shoot outside the studio? Do you find it stressing and challenging to pack all you need for the session? As a photographer, you need to be smart. Read along, and learn space-saving tips to use when packing.

Newborn photography is fun. Not only do you get to or with an unpredictable subject, but also you get to travel a lot when a client wants to have a photography session outside the studio. Whether in studio or out, you have to work, right? With the many types of equipment, how do you pack and make sure you have everything with you?

Why Are Space-Saving Tips Necessary?

Do you find yourself with a backache and sore hands during traveling for a photo session since you packed a lot? Maybe you did not know what to have and what to leave, so you ended up with items that you did not need. How do you avoid this troublesome situation from happening again?

Knowing what to bring and how to pack is essential. That is because it saves you:

  • Time of packing things you don't need

If you don't know what you need for photo-shoot, chances are you will pack things that are unnecessary for the shoot. An example is carrying many lenses only to end up using one or two.

  • The energy of carrying around items you don't need

It is disturbing enough to deal with a newborn during a photo-shoot. You need to save all the power you have for the shoot by carrying around only what you need.

  • The stress or fear of figuring out how to carry around a heavy bag

Having a list is very important as you can choose according to the priority of what you need and what you don't.

  • From losing things you carried and did not need

Imagine how expensive lenses are, you cannot afford to lose any of them as some cost more than the shots you are traveling to take.

You don't need to shy away from out of studio possession or disappoint the client since you didn't pack all you require for the shoot. To remain active and save your energy for the little subject you are about to handle. Practice the following space-saving tips when traveling for a shoot.

1. Choose What is Essential to Carry

As described in our post "The 7 Essentials Needed To Be A Rockstar Newborn Photographer", you may need to have a lot of equipment with you. However, you can always sort them out to save some space.

After meeting up with the parents and they request you to go for the shoot, you must pack for the shoot, right? Before you start packing, ask yourself, "What items are a must to carry?" The question enables you to come up with items that you must have to travel and work effectively. Come up with a list and categorize them in the following way:

  • Working tools

You are going on a business trip. For that reason, you need your working tools with you. First, you need your camera. Choose a compact and lightweight one if possible mirrorless, as it is portable, unlike the conventional DSLRs. You also need lenses. Do you know what lenses to carry and what to leave?It depends on where your photo-shoot is happening. Most of the times, you may carry many lenses only to find that you only used one or two. List one that you think is necessary to have with you.

Also depending on whether you need the tripod or not, list it down.There are other working items like chargers, memory cards, cables, and batteries. List them down so as not to forget any of them. The props, blankets, lighting, and heaters you need to keep the baby comfortable. After you list them down, arrange them, and keep them on one side.

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  • Non-photography and personal items

Since you are traveling, you need things that you will use to clean the camera and repack them back. It means having extra cleaning tools. You also need personal items to make your stay comfortable and for you to work effectively. List and put them on one side.

2. Choose a Bag

After listing and arranging what you need, what is next? You need to choose a bag that fits all your stuff. To have your items in one place, you want a case that is appropriate depending on the things you have with you. So, what kind of bag should you have?

It is advisable to have a bag that has many pockets. That helps you separate your items according to their purpose. You can have all personal items in one pocket, camera items, and other working tools on another pocket and cleaning and other accessories on another side of the bag.If you have many items to carry, it is advisable to utilize what you take. It means you can have a suitcase to carry your stuff if you are going far from where you stay, and in your suitcase, you can have your tripod inside. You can use your laptop bag to carry cables and so on.

3. Other Ways of Packing

You can utilize the pockets that you already have. Yes, you may have a jacket you want to bring along. Remember, it should have many pockets. You can put your memory cards and universal chargers in pockets of the coat. You can also choose to have one big suitcase and bring everything inside with you.When packing personal items, be smart by rolling instead of folding. If you have to bring an extra pair of shoes, put socks inside the boots to utilize space inside the bag. The important thing is not to tire yourself caring for what you don't need in the shoot.


Being a newborn photographer is fun. Whether you work in a studio or outside, you must be ready to meet parent's expectations. That includes traveling to where the newborn or the parents are available. To make your work and moving more comfortable, the above space-saving tips will help you pack your bag for your next photo-shoot.