Maternity Photography: How to Impress the Mum-to-be

Maternity Photography: How to Impress the Mum-to-be

Being a photographer is lovely. You get to capture beautiful moments as they unveil. If you specialize in pregnancy photo-shoot, you agree that taking beautiful pregnancy photos feels excellent, right? Then how do you make sure you impress the mum to be with your skills? Pregnancy is phenomenal. That is why it is a dream of every mum to document the process to make it memorable. That is why, nowadays, pregnancy photos have become a norm for every expectant mother. As a photographer, how do you work with the pregnant mum to come up with beautiful shots?

A pregnant mother expects a lot from you. The body is indeed puffy and swollen everywhere. The hormone level is up to the roof and may not feel good with how they look. Thus, how do you work with that and end up with photos that will please her? That is what you are going to learn here.

As you pack and head for a shoot, it’s good to have ideas on how to impress the mum. Doing that makes the photo session enjoyable, more manageable, and you will be able to capture beautiful shots.

But before we get to the main topic, let's understand the basics of maternity photography. Check our post - A Helpful Guide To Maternity & Hospital Newborn Photography.

As you look forward to the photo session, do the following to impress the mum to be:

Tip #1: Choose a Perfect Location

When it comes to maternity photography, the choice of location is endless. You can have the shoot indoors in your studio, or you can choose to have it outside. Outdoor is lovely as you get to interact with nature and different colors around.

What does the mum have in mind? Does she want a location along the beach, woods, bridge, or in a field full of beautiful flowers and butterflies? Exploit nature and take photos in different settings for as long as it does not endanger the mum or make her uncomfortable.

Maternity Photography: How to Impress the Mum-to-be - choose a perfect location

Tip #2: Choose the Right Time

Pregnancy is a continuous process. To have beautiful pregnancy photos, you must capture the mum when the pregnancy is on its pick. It means having the pregnancy photo-shoot between 33-36 weeks. At that time, the pump has beautiful curves, and the mum is proud to show it off.

Before you plan for the shoot, ask the mum about previous pregnancies. Does she have complications during that time, or will you wait for the last minute only for the mum to give birth before the shoot? Look for the perfect time when the mum is comfortable, and the pregnancy is at its pick.

Tip #3: Ask Mum to Bring Memorable Accessories

What memorable things does the mum have and want to include in the photos? It can be booties, ultrasound pictures, or a first baby sweater. It can be a card revealing the gender of the baby or suggesting the name of the baby to be born.

You are making memories through the shots you are taking. You want the mum to look at the photos and vividly remember the beautiful pregnancy journey. It includes tiny details during the pregnancy, like buying the first stuff and surprise of revealing gender and name.

Tip #4: Prepare and Bring the Right Tools

To show your professionalism and skills, you have to prepare well for the photo-shoot. That keeps the mum-to-be at ease and relaxed for the shoot. How do you make? By having the right tool for the shoot. To do that, you need to plan.


Pack what you need ahead of the shoot. The most crucial tool to pack is the camera. Make sure it is in good working condition, especially the lenses. Having the right lens makes sure you capture much integrity for the mum to end up happy and impressed with your work.

Tip #5: Focus on the Bump

Maternity photography is about capturing the growing belly. That is what you should focus on during this shoot. To make sure you receive the best of the bulge, have the mother wear a flattering gown. Whether a casual or long flowing dress, it should be fitting enough to show the belly for perfect shoots.

You can ask her about what to wear. Also, you can have some dresses with you to the shoot in case what they have doesn’t bring out the effects that you and the mum want. If the dad is present, have him wear in a way that compliments the mum-to-be dress for a complete look.

Tip #6: About Posing

Working with a mum to be is exciting and fulfilling. That is because they can take instructions well. Moreover, moms are willing to go the extra mile to make sure the photo shots are perfect. Touching the belly is ok, let her show off the bling on her hand, and pose to protrude the abdomen forward.

Don’t forget the close-ups on the belly. After all, it is all about it. Encourage the mum to change positions and show her how to make perfect poses. If you have a sibling and her partner for the shoot, alternate them in the photos for a more inclusive and memorable moment.

Tip #7: Let the Mum Have Fun

A pregnant mom can be short shot tempered, moody, and dull when tired. Take less of her time to get the best of the shots. It includes being patient enough to accommodate her ideas and constant whining due to the heat and sore feet. Make her comfortable by complimenting her body and letting her have fun for more beautiful poses.

Final Thought

As a maternity photographer, a pregnancy photo-shoot is a superb and beautiful experience as you get to create touching memories that will last for a mum to be. To make sure you impress her enough to come for more, you need to prepare well and have the right tools for beautiful pregnancy photos.

Apart from the above tips, you should also ask a few questions to your clients. Try to ask logical questions that can help you prepare for the shoot. But, which questions should you ask them? Here is your answer - Top 4 Questions Every Newborn Photographer Should Ask Their Clients

Maternity photography should be about working with a mum to be. Make her comfortable enough by having a perfect location, clothing, and accessories and let her have fun. At the end of it all, when she looks at the photos, she will be impressed with what she sees and appreciate your time and effort. She won’t regret every coin spent for the shoot and will be glad to come for more future photos.