How Much Should I Charge for a Maternity Shoot?

You find yourself asking this question every time you set a meeting with a client, right? Especially if you are somewhat new in the field, it can be hard to come with a specific amount to charge a parent to be. So, what do you do? What are the crucial criteria for coming up with a price?

At first, it starts with a few shots. People love them and want more. Soon it becomes a passion, and when they finally ask you for a price, you don’t know what to say. If they ask you to quote your charge, you become silent since you have no clue on what to include when you charge and what to leave. If you find yourself in a dilemma, don’t worry. Read this guide and know how to come up with a price.

Also, if it is your first project, then make sure you already know the tips that we have mentioned in our post "Planning Your First Baby Photo Shoot."

How Hard or Easy Is It to Come Up With a Price?

You can meet up with a client and directly mention a price. The client can leave pleased or unpleased with what you offer but ask yourself, have you included everything you need to at a cost? Have you considered all the factors before coming up with the figure?

Pricing is an assessment of the efforts and time you spend on the shoot, the energy you input to make the photos perfect, and not to mention, your skills. That is why you need to ask yourself the crucial question of how you should charge for a maternity shoot.

Unlike newborn photography packages where it is easy to come up with the price, maternity is different. Yes, you are working with a cooperative subject, but she can be demanding in terms of preference and venue. Specifications always come with more input and time to bring out what the mum-to-be wants.

Newborn photography pricing can be easy and lenient on the parent. That is because you as the photographer have a lot to say about the pose and maybe the venue so you won’t spend a lot of time and resources on the shoot.

Factors to Consider When Coming Up With a Price

Before you go ahead and come up with a figure, it is good to look at what the price entails. After looking at the parameters, you will have all the information you need to finally come up with the figure that will be worth your work. Before you charge a client, consider the following factors.

1. What Is Your Brand?

Are you doing it as a hobby or you have a reputation to keep? Are you building it or is it at the pick and you are maintaining the brand those are the questions you need to ask yourself. The difference between a photographer who charges $500 and $5000 is the brand they have and how far they are in term of building it.

Many renowned pregnancy photographers charge a higher price because they have a good reputation. People know about their brand as it speaks on itself. Sell your work, depending on how well people perceive you. Evaluate how much your brand is worth before you set the amount you want to charge.

2. Do Your Research

You are in business with many other professional maternity photographers just as you are. How do you remain relevant and compete with your competitors without spoiling the market? Setting a price closer to your competitor’s without comparing yourself with them.

If you are new in the maternity photography world, you will want to know why they price, how they price, and what parameters they consider when doing so. Pick what helps your business and apply to come up with the best price for your work.

3. Cost of Operation

Cost of operation is the daily expenses you incur during your shoots. That is what you should be keen with as it determines whether you remain in the business or you end up broke and out of business. The following points are some of the expenses you incur every day:

  • Equipment Cost

You have cameras, lenses, memory cards, props, lighting, camera stands, and other equipment you use during the shoot. Consider that they need maintenance and servicing now and then. Come up with a price that includes all that.Note that, not all photographers can afford the equipment. But, don't let it discourage your passion. Read our post "How to take Newborn Pictures With Limited Equipment?"

  • Office/Studio Cost

Do you have a permanent place like a studio? Just like newborn photography pricing, you need to include the cost of running your studio or office where you run all your operations. It can be rest or mortgage that you pay every month.

  • Marketing Cost and Managerial Cost

It takes the administrative cost to keep a studio running, for example, making catalogs, price list, business cards, marketing your business, and other clerical expenses. Include everything in the price to make sure you cover them in the price you set. If you are not sure about marketing factor and cost involved in it, then read our article "How Should I Promote My Newborn Photography Business?"

  • Additional Cost

Do you pay tax? Need fuel to take you to different shoots and pay assistants who are with you. Include any other expense that you incur during the shoot to make sure you cover all.

  • Time and Labor

If photography is a passion, you might forget to include your time and labor. What you should know is time is money. That is why many prefer to pay these sessions per hour or work. Thus, you should price depending on how you value your time and professionalism.

4. Your Profit Margin

Here, consider your goals and how you want to achieve them. Keep away the newborn photography packages away so as you can charge the maternity shoot depending on the work the client requires. The profit margin you choose to charge dictates how much and how fast you will grow your business. As you think about that, remember, you may price at a high price and bring a few meaningful clients or charge lo and drive yourself out of business.

Final Thoughts!

After looking at all the above factors sit down and come up with an exact figure. One that will be worth your effort, time, and motivate you to work every day. Though everyone prefers flat prices, don’t conform to them. It is not as easy as newborn photography pricing. Charge depending on how best you feel you are at shooting the maternity shoots.Don't worry about the pricing, you can always impress your clients. For more information, you can check out our post "How to Impress the Mum-to-be?"