9 Newborn Photography Gadgets Must-haves for Your Next Shoot

A baby is a small miracle of nature. The complexity of birth is astounding, and we can’t help but feel amazed. So overwhelming is the joy of parents, that they often want to etch the moment into a memory.

That is quite possible with the help of the smart newborn photography gadgets that will help you retain those moments of pure wonder and share them with generations to come.

For your easy, we have put a list of all the items you will need to take those outstanding newborn shots. Novices to Pros will find this guide quite useful and entertaining.


1. Knit Camera Buddies: Lens Accessories for Your Baby Photography

Newborns will usually respond to sounds and colors as they learn more about the world. Conjuring a smile on a baby’s face, and keeping it there while they are looking directly at the camera lens is tough.

Doing so while your time, the perfect shot is even tougher. Instead, you can use a clever contraption known as “knit camera buddy” to rivet the newborn attention. 

camera buddyBlue octopus knit camera buddy. Photo credit: Tiny Prop Shop


They are exactly what it sounds like. Pieces of yarn whimsically crafted to imitate interesting animals, such as octopus, lions, frogs, mice, and other critters. Anything in fact that can help you keep the baby happy and focused on the lens while you take a great photo.

These buddies are made of cotton and wool and fit over your camera lens very quickly. Are you looking to immortalize a baby smile? Look no further than the knitted camera buddies. Read on about Knit Camera Buddies 


2. Camera Muzzler for Nikon and Canon: Forget about Disturbing the Baby

You want to make sure that your baby is relaxed when you take the pictures. Some babies are disturbed by the sounds that cameras make, and that’s understandable. Others don’t like the metallic click of the shutter closing.

camera muzzle
Professional camera muzzler. Photo credit: Amazon


A muzzler would go a long way in canceling out the sharp clicks and dulling them to soft thumps.

Keeping the baby asleep will give you all the time you need to experiment with all sorts of settings and positions. 

Read on about Camera Muzzler SLR.

3. Baby Shusher For Babies

Ask any parent, and they will tell you that the happiest moments of the postpartum period are the times when the baby is asleep. That is not to say that mothers and fathers have had enough of their babies, but quiet and sleep is a luxury that new parents appreciate a great deal.

Here’s why buying a geat Baby Shusher would do wonders for your peace of mind as well as your newborn photo sessions.

baby shusher

A great baby shusher doesn’t take too much space. Photo credit: Amazon


There are many applications of baby shushes. Take for example newborn photography. Having your young ones fall asleep on the spot would open a world of possibilities when it comes to great pictures. Plus, you won’t have to wait around for the baby to calm first. Simply switch on the shusher and watch the young one quickly fall asleep.

Read on about Baby Shushers.

4. Folding Step Stool

To add a little more shine to your baby photos, you may want to prop the little one on some safe slightly elevated surface. The Folding Step Stool comes in quite handy as it is safe enough for babies to stay firmly perched on top. If you need to add height to a prop, you will find the folding step stool to be quite handy.

folding stool

 Folding Step Stool Photo credit: Amazon


Photographers have been quite happy with this simple contraption, which allows them to land better low angle shots. They are particularly handy when you want to make the picture more dynamic and introduce various levels to the composition of the photo. This item is a perfect budget option for new photographers with great imagination.

It can also save you back and knees when shooting low angle shots all day. We usually bring two with us when traveling to a location

Read on about Folding Step Stool.

5. Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater

Taking your baby into rooms that haven’t been warmed up could be an issue. A quick solution would be to have a reliable and portable space heater to help you adjust the temperature in the room.

lasko portable heater

 The Lasko ceramic heater keeps you and your baby warm. Photo credit: Amazon


The space heater is perfect for beginners and mid-level photography enthusiasts because you can experiment with various locations both inside and outside the house. All while making sure that the little one is kept nice and warm. A portable heater is a worthy investment if you are looking to make the most out of your experience.

Read on about Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater.


6. Sanniu Led String Lights

Even the best interior can use a touch-up. Some light props will do a whole lot to the composition of your pictures. Babies like snug places and creating the right ambiance will most certainly help make things more fairy-tale-like. The Sanniu led string lights are very handy, and they can be placed around any surfaces and be positioned in a way that will help you have light exactly where you want it.

sannui led lights

 The Sanniu Led String Lights adding character to the place. Photo credit: Amazon.


If a shot is too dark or too boring, you can always put these in the background and jazz up the shot. The lights come with enough cord to set them in a way that fits most needs, and because they take no time to set up at all, you can do this as often as you wish.

Read on about Sanniu Led String Lights.


7. Professional Camera Grip Hand Strap

The little ones can be a lot of hard work sometimes. This is where a camera grip-strap will come handy. Sometimes a perfect shot is trapped in a split-second window and wants to miss it tangled in a traditional lanyard.

camera grip

 Keep your baby safe while you take amazing photos. Photo credit: Amazon


Plus this grip hand strap allows you to change your position quickly while providing you with maximum comfort. You can take multiple shots from various angles. You can use the strap to ensure the baby is safe from drop hazards while shooting from above. This is a very smart purchase for beginner and mid-level photographers.

Read on about Professional Camera Grip Holder.


8. Neewer BG-E8 Replacement Battery Grip

Having a tight grip on your camera will be crucial to ensuring the best photos. You want to have a firm grasp on the camera, and there is no better way than to get the Neewer BG-E8 Replacement Battery Grip. It’s not all about just the comfortable grip. A great battery grip can also allow you access to quite a few functionalities of the camera while keeping your eyes on the newborn.

neewer battery grip


The Neewer Battery Grip is an excellent addition as it allows you to carry out certain camera functions, adds extra power to your shots.

Read on about Neewer BG-E8 Replacement Battery Grip.


9. Wrapping by Paloma Schell

It’s challenging to keep the little ones still for a photo, but you will forget all about your postural problems if the baby is swaddled correctly. Snapping shots with this wrapping is very easy, and you will find every bit of it worth your while.But sometimes wrapping a newborn by yourself can be challenging that's where this comes in handy

wrapping board

 Wrap your baby comfortably so it wouldn’t move. Photo credit: Palomaschellschop.com


This product is a very powerful ally when trying to wrap the child with one hand while the other keeps an active child secure and can save you loads of trouble.

Read on about Wrapping by Paloma Schell.

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