5 Best Reviewed Newborn Photographers of Washington, DC

Upon hearing the news that a baby is on the way, new parents often become overwhelmed with decisions. Most perplexed are those inexperienced parents who want everything perfect for their firstborn. The race to ace everything before the arrival of the baby can cause a lot of decision fatigue. One such concern that bugs new parents is the selection of a newborn photographer who can take the perfect pictures of their little one. This step is crucial as photos are timeless, and often is used to introduce the world to your new edition. 

A lot of thought must go into picking the right photographer and in a place like Washington, parents can get misguided due to many leads claiming to be “the best” photographer in the area. These affairs can be costly as well, so, it is essential that parents weigh their options well.


To curb the decision fatigue for all the parents in Washington, we scanned the web. After thorough research and taking references from websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack, we have compiled a list of the 5 best photographers in Washington, DC.

1. Jessica Caso Photography

Jessica Caso is an award-winning, published newborn and family photographer. She serves the Washington DC area. Including but not limited to Northern Virginia, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, Fairfax, Annandale, Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Chevy Chase and the District of Columbia.Her objective during your session is to capture those moments that we all experience, the ones when you look at your child and they make that one face and smile and you think to yourself that seriously there has never been a cuter thing in the history of the world. Those moments as a family when you understand that you all go together so well even though at times your son seems to come from a different planet and you wonder when the mother-ship is coming back to get him. 

Basically she is trying to get as close as possible to capturing what makes your family your life. It’s a tall order. She wants to capture the beauty of your family the way that you feel it and understand it and want it to last forever. You may contact her at https://jessicacasophotography.com/

2. Mary Catherine Photography

Mary is a family, newborn and lifestyle photographer based in Washington, DC. A visual storyteller at heart, she loves capturing the spirit of people, places, and experiences. Most days you can find her sipping on a cup of coffee, listening to Glen Hansard, planning her next adventure, or obsessing over the arrival of fall and all-things-pumpkin. You may contact Mary at https://www.marycatherinephotography.com/

3. Ginny Filer Photography

Ginny captures some of her most precious moments in the photos taken during my magic hour. She captures those small; yet significant details often overlooked when everything is at its regular pace. It’s the mosaic of those magical details which provide the clearest insights in life.Photography is her way to remember that life is full of beautiful moments, just waiting to be found. This is her approach to your photography session—To capture the beauty and unseen moments in your magic hour– those precious smiles and stolen glances—and freeze them forever in time. You may contact her at https://ginnyfilerphotography.com/

4. Jessica Torch Photography

Jessica Torch Photography is an on location newborn and family photographer based in washington dc. Jessica caught the photography bug after a summer job in high school at a local camera store in her hometown of Atlanta and she has been shooting away ever since, during her travels abroad or at home in Washington, D.C. she is just as thrilled about shooting a stunning sunset as a tumbling toddler. She can't wait to capture the smiles, glances, and gestures that define you and your family. You may contact her at http://www.jessicatorchphotography.com/

5. Melissa Demple Photography

Washington DC newborn photographer, Melissa Demple, is a boutique studio specializing in newborn and maternity photography, creating fine art for your walls. Melissa was 10 years old when she first picked up a camera. Her father loved photography so much, and she was always tagging along with him so it wasn’t long before she was bitten by the photography bug too. Even at that age, Melissa was intent on getting the composition perfect. Once, on a family trip to Yellowstone, her father had to yank her away from a moose she had gotten way too close to while trying to compose him just right! You may check out Melissa's work on her official website https://www.mdphotographs.com/


Now that you have an idea of whom to contact in Washington for photographing your baby let’s understand the important nuances to note when hiring a photographer.

  • The first thing one must do while hiring a photographer is to ask the photographer to show his/her previous work. Every seasoned photographer carries a stellar portfolio displaying all of his best work. It will give you an idea of your photographer’s skills.

  • Ask for all the details that will go into the session. For instance, the props that he/she will bring along, the lighting equipment, the camera, etc. You may be unfamiliar with the particulars of these sessions, but asking these questions will give you a rough idea of how well prepared your photographer is.

  • Meet up once for a consultation before the photo session to discuss visions and to make sure that both of you are on the same page. It is during this time you should tell your expectations to the photographer, do not hold yourself back.

There are some additional questions that you can ask to the photographer. For this, you can check our post "12 Questions You Should Ask Your Newborn Photographer Before You Hire Them".


As mentioned above, Washington has a plethora of photographers claiming to be the best of the best. Nowadays, it is effortless to create a fake review base to push the clientele, hence only trust authentic and approved websites for such hunts. 

A 4.5-star rating must be the average rating of your chosen photographer. Anything too less than 3.9 seems unacceptable. 

Everyone must be curious to know the price point at which these photographers operate. Well, in Washington the average package is anywhere between $300-$500 inclusive of all the services and at least a 2-3 hour long shoot. 

The prices will vary with photographers depending upon their experience, assistance, equipment, and vision. Some may even quote much less than $500, but it all comes down to the quality you’re after. 

Now, you can avail a few offers on these sessions and save a few bucks along the way. You can also visit the location of the photographer to save some money. Or you can book in pairs with your friends to attain higher discounts. 

Even booking a photographer through referrals can also get you a special package. So always be on the lookout for these things as they can save you from burning a hole in your pocket.


We understand how important this must be for you. Thus, we want to give you a final tip: do not force yourself to finalize on cheapest option just for the sake of money. These events are the once-in-a-lifetime kind. They are like an investment. Do not fall prey to the hands of novices or tricksters and do thorough research before Selecting a photographer.

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