5 Best Cameras for Newborn Photography under $500

A camera is a primary tool you must-have for your photography business to be a success. Whether you have a studio in place or planning to be mobile, a camera on hand is the first thing to showing your clients want you can do. So, what type of camera are you planning to buy and how much are you willing to spend?

Centrally to what many think, you can or with a small budget and get it right. As a newborn photographer willing to spend less than $500, there are good cameras you can find that can give you the specific features and images you want.

The following are 5 best cameras for newborn photography under $500 that you can buy and use:

Thought of getting more for less, that is what the camera is all about. This simple, fast, and convenient stress-free camera come in 13 pieces. Likewise, not only do you get the camera, but you also get 13 other accessories. These accessories aid you in carrying, supporting cleaning, and storing of the images you capture.

Furthermore, when it comes with working with the camera guarantees you super quality images. The longer-lasting 4AA ultra-high capacity, 2900 amah Nickel hydride battery life enables you to work for long hours outside the studio. Also, it has an enhanced digital zoom function that allows you to take up-close photos for your client.


• Simple and easy to operate
• High-quality images
• Low light sensor so you won’t startle the newborn with the flash
• Very fast to capture every moment


• Comes with many accessories that can consider unnecessary 

Get Nikon Cool Pix B500 Digital Camera from Amazon.

What I like about the camera is how easily you can sleek into your pocket and travel for a photo-shoot. The camera, which comes in silver and black colours, is small and slim but don’t underestimate what it can do. Moreover, the product of Sony can take beautifully detailed clean images of a newborn due to its 20.1-megapixel feature.

You don’t have to worry if the newborn is awake. That's because the camera has optical steady shot images stabilization that enables you to take pictures even when the baby is moving. So, if the baby doesn’t want you to get close, you can use the 8x optical zooming feature to zoom the baby.

Also, if you need to edit the images more, the built-in effects enable you to adjust the tone and texture of the image. In this way, you can ensure you get a clear polished final picture.


• Easy to carry around
• Built-in image stabilizer enables you to photo the baby even when moving
• Available in cool silver and black colours
• Enable you to edit the photos you take


• Has flash that can startle the baby 

You can buy Sony DSCW830 20.1 Digital Camera from Amazon.

The APS-c format digital camera is a product of canon. Thus, it is a camera that you should buy with a lot of confidence since every feature is impressive. Moreover, it produces images that have sharp details and accurate in colours, and that allows you to be creative hen working with your beautiful little subject.

Similarly, the camera has a focal length of 18mm-55mm and a telephoto lens to make sure you get close and interact with the subject more intimately. The ISO of 100-12800 allows you to get high-quality images the 18 mph CMOS sensor to enable the camera to work in a place with a lot or no light.

Even more, what is lovely is that it has multi-shot noise reduction allowing you to work in silence.


• Quite when working with
• Produce images with sharp details
• Work under lo light enabling your subject to sleep while you work

• Comes with only one year warranty 

Get Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera Bundle from Amazon.

Just by the fact that it comes from canon, a known camera brand speaks s for itself. The inexpensive, sleek, convenient camera comes in beautiful red, black, and blue colours to make a choice. Also, it has a sensor and processor that combines to give you striking spectacular images for your clients.

Likewise, for quality and sensitivity of the lenses, it has an ISO of 1600 and an image stabilizer to ensure that the photos you take are a true reflection of your creativity. The built-in Wi-Fi with NFC allows for wireless transfer of the images you choose so you can go ahead and share your photos with the client.


• Small and sleek for you to carry around
• Has an image stabilizer to make your images better with no burl
• Enable photo sharing easier with built-in Wi-Fi
• Produce sharp, clear photos good for your photography business.
 • Affordable
• Easy to use
• Has a modern look


• Has no professional look 

Find the best deal of Canon Power Shot ELPH 190 Digital Camera at Amazon.

If you are looking for a handy, professional camera, this is one to have. The camera has a contact of 2.8 aperture to let you shoot with confidence in low light conditions. Moreover, it also has a high resolution of 30 frames per second to make sure you never miss a single moment of the newborn.

The 24-x zoom camera has 12.1-megapixels that enable you to get high image quality. Moreover, it also has an image stabilizer 5-Axis hybrid that keeps your photo session on even when the baby is moving.

However, are you always outdoors? If you are mobile, the camera is perfect to work with as the rugged camera design protects your camera from any external harm.


• Water and dustproof
• Durable
• Good looking
• Fast to allow you to capture every moment
• Capture high-quality images


• Comes in black only 

Grab the best deal of Panasonic Lumix FZ300 Long Zoom Digital Camera on Amazon.


Finally, if you are starting and working on a tight budget, there are cameras available for you to buy. Thus, with specific qualities of image stabilization, fast, work under low light and zooming, there are available cameras that you can buy under $500. The above 5 cameras are examples of cameras that can make your newborn photography work easy and enjoyable.

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