Top 3 Videos You Need to Watch to Master Wrapping, Swaddling, and Posing your Newborn Baby

All tiny things require quite a bit of care, and this is especially true when the tiny object of your affection is your newborn son or daughter. For all of you who love newborns, the idea of having cool pictures taken of your little ones has undoubtedly crossed your mind.

For those of you who would much rather do it themselves, we've compiled a list to teach you all about wapping, swaddling, and posing you'll need to know.

We've shortlisted three of our recommended top videos bellow: 

1. The Criss-Cross Wrapping Technique:

A single wrapping technique can have quite a few interpretations, and this is precisely what Ossi Photography would like you to know. In this particular case, you will learn all there is to know about the criss-cross wrapping technique. The video is particularly useful because it also gives you a few photography tips that can be used in your next newborn photography session.

You can alternatively remove the wrap and place your baby in a wicker basket. Using multiple blankets around the basket, allowing one to cover both the basket and the floor space around the baby. To better see how Ossi Photography does it, simply watch the video. 

2. Ana Brandt's Wrapping Insights

When it comes to being a little more original with your floor space and the vessel itself, you will be hard-pressed to find a better teacher than Ana Brandt. While the wrapping technique has been covered before, Brandt combines various elements to create amazing compositions.

This way, you can see how the floor space is covered in a furry grey blanket, and the basket itself is in a darker shade of brown. There is a separate cozy blanket placed inside the basket, which is also grey, and finally, the wrapping itself is just a variation of this color as well.

As Brandt's take on the matter reveals, the key to positioning your baby well is to let it feel natural. Go with whatever makes the baby feel comfortable and don't force any poses on your newborns. What about the colors? Having closely-matching tinges of the same colors is the way to build a successful composition, as Brandt demonstrates in her tutorial. 

3. Creative Live's Newborn Posing Tutorial:

Creative Live is your go-to online venue if you are interested in learning more about how to pose your baby for exciting newborn photoshoots. This tutorial with Kelly Brown will go into great detail on how to pose the baby. So that the little one is comfortable and that you can get some of the most memorable shots without spending too much time or effort.

Kelly will come up with quite a few props and clothing ideas, so draw inspiration for your next baby shooting session from her video. 

Buying the Fabrics and Materials, You Need to Wrap Your Newborn:

Let's be honest. When it comes to being creative in newborn photography, the sky's the limit.

There are all sorts of cool fabrics, blankets, and baby outfits, and we will list those eye-catching suggestions below:

Colorful Blankets

Most commonly, photographers want either something furry or a pleasantly-colored but straightforward blanket or wrapping. Those among you who are looking for something a little more original will most likely want a specific pattern in the blanket. Floral designs are also trendy lately, offering opportunities for some great compositions.

Great Newborn Outfits

When it comes to great outfits, you will be in no shortage of some excellent suggestions. You can dress your newborn in dozens of imaginative ways, and if you look a bit closer, you could probably come up with a few extra ones as well.

You can quickly tuck in your baby in a mariner's suite or dress your newborn daughter as a little mermaid. The possibilities are quite extensive, and you can go on looking up fresh outfit ideas here.

A Handful of Props

Nearly everything can be a prop in baby photography so long as your baby is safe.

Props are not just about what you dress or put on your kids. It's about the entire setting as well. For those parents or new photographers among you looking to create great compositions, a few well-placed props can change the feel of the room.