Newborn Photography Tips for Baskets And Bowls

Newborns are one of the best mediums to take in photography, and they are also one of the most challenging mediums to take a picture. Most parents often want to capture photos of their babies, starting at a young age to save the memories of that moment.

Thus, most parents had been seeking the help of photographers to capture those moments.

There is no age limit as to when can you start taking photos of your subject. Newborns, on the other hand, are susceptible and are highly vulnerable to any sorts of noises, diseases, and the like. A lot of photographers have been using different props like baskets and bowls during the shoot.

There is nothing wrong with the use of the accessories. However, a lot of considerations should be made to secure that the newborns will be safe and at ease during the shoot.

Also, make sure you are using the right camera and lenses. Check the following posts and follow the tips explained in them:

Things to Consider Before Using Baskets and Bowls for Newborn Photography

It is a must to ensure the safety of the newborn first more than anything else. If the photographer plans to use a basket or a bowl, make sure that those props are adequately sanitized. It may take a lot of hard work, but it is a must to make sure that the newborn is safe from any dust or dirt or anything that might compromise their health.

Also, consider the size of the basket and the bowls. The usual length of a newborn is around 12 to 15 inches long. Make sure to choose a basket or bowl that can fit that size. It is better to have a bigger size rather than a small one. 

You can always fill in those tiny gaps if the basket is too big, but you can never squeeze in a newborn to fit in a small size bowl or basket. Newborns differ in sizes, so they might as well take a bigger size than 15 inches in length or diameter but not too big making it look like a bathtub.

Choose Hypoallergenic Products

Hypoallergenic products from baskets and bowls that could fit a newborn may be limited in the market. Your options may not be that much in choosing a right basket or bowl. If you can’t find the baskets and pots that you desire, you can always have another option. 

You can choose a hypoallergenic cloth that you used to line the basket. Usually, photographers will place a piece of fabric to cushion the baby before they put it in the basket so you can use a hypoallergenic cloth. It is to distance the baby from any allergic reactions. 

Some babies are okay with any piece of clothing. However, you may encounter some newborns with allergic reactions to it. You can ask the parents for any existing allergies for their newborns. But since newborns are very young, most of their allergies are yet undetected. 

Apply a Body Wrap to Keep the Baby Secured and at Ease

Most newborn photography involves a body wrap for the newborn during the shoot. It is not only to keep the baby at ease at the same time; it will limit the newborns’ movement. Thus allowing the photographer to take the shot that they like without that much trouble positioning the newborns.

Applying a body wrap also helps in maintaining the body temperature of the baby, so it won’t matter if they are too exposed during the shoot. Newborns have a very low-fat mass making their body very susceptible to temperature change depending on the outside environment.

A Newborn Photographers Guide to Camera Selection 

Use Soft and Comfortable Props

Just having the basket or the bowl is not enough for a photographer to start a shoot. Usually, they would use a cushion or pillows to position the newborn to an angle that they preferred.

Other than safety and security, it is also essential to make sure that the props used during the shoot are soft and comfortable. It is not a luxury actually but a need because the more comfortable the newborn is, the easier the shoot will go.

Of course, if the baby is uncomfortable, then there will be interruptions because the newborn might cry or might move for some reason. Sometimes, a baby might start crying during the shoot. At this point, you should follow these 7 Steps to Manage a Fussy Toddler during a Newborn Photography.

Make Sure That the Baby Is Always Attended

Taking a newborn photo is so exciting that we might forget about the newborn itself while viewing the pictures. Always secure that they are always accompanied or securely guarded to avoid any accidents or falls. It is still safe to take precautions on everything rather than regretting any possible incidents in the future.

About positioning, it is a must that we positioned the newborn in a manner that won’t impede any blood circulation in the newborn’s body. Some photographers might imagine some position of the newborns in a very artistic way.

However, make sure that it won’t compromise the baby while on the process. Placing them in a taco position or curling them up won’t harm them. However, prolonged exposure to that kind of pose may result in a problem.

If you are too keen to have such kind of positions for the shoot, you can give it a shot. Just make sure to make it quick as much as possible and always check for any signs of body discoloration towards the newborn’s body. If you can see any bluish, reddish, or purplish discoloration, please act promptly and adjust the baby's position immediately.


Photographers can be wildly artistic as they like when it comes to newborn photography. They can use different props such as baskets and bowl as they want. The better the picture is, the happier their clients will be. It doesn’t matter if it is a low cost or an expensive shoot as long as the photographers are creative enough. 

They can create a masterpiece out of a single photograph. Just make sure that the newborn is safe and comfortable throughout the shoot, then all else will follow.