7 Tips for Posing your Newborn

7  Tips for Posing your Newborn

So, you may have already read my post - A parent's checklist to baby's first picture - and, now, you are all set to give it a try. You are fully prepared and standing just a few steps away from capturing those sweet moments. But, what about the poses? Do you know which baby pose looks tremendous and is trending these days?

For a photographer, a newborn is undoubtedly a highly delightful muse to photograph; however, it can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for an inexperienced photographer. Unlike adult photography, where you can create a specific scene or story, newborn photography is a different ball game. Newborns obviously can’t follow instructions, and handling them requires utmost care and experience. Here you have to work on creating different poses that will produce great pictures of the baby.

Nevertheless, newborn photoshoot offers a photographer with numerous opportunities to explore their creativity. It can also be one of the most fun and fulfilling projects for any photographer. From safety tips to baby poses that you can reproduce, these seven baby photography tips would go a long way in helping you have an easier time capturing some brilliant shots of your endearing newborn! You can also take a look at my favorite shot list for newborn photography and find out the perfect shot.

1) Ensure your baby is safe and comfortable

Yes, you read that, right! Before anything else, your highest priority is your baby’s safety and comfort. Remember, your little one’s body is just starting to develop and still somewhat fragile. So, you will do well to handle your baby with care. Also, if you are using any props like small basket or bassinet that’s a few feet above the ground, ensure it’s well balanced, so your baby doesn’t fall off.

Ensure your baby is safe and comfortable

2) Choose the best time frame

Choose the best time frame for your newborn photoshoot Ever heard of the “10 Days Rule”? Well, this means your baby should be at most ten days old before the photoshoot. Here’s how this is to your advantage. During this period, babies are mostly asleep and curled up like they were during pregnancy. After about 14 days, they start becoming more active, so it can be a bit difficult to make them pose for a photograph. So why not grab the chance to capture that memorable moment within the first ten days!

3) Be flexible and exercise patience

One thing is sure; baby photography can be full of surprises. So, while you’re at it, don’t always expect a smooth ride. In a lot of cases, it takes a while before getting babies to take a pose, and worse still, they may even take a dump while you’re taking some shots. Lol, full of surprises, isn’t it? A really messy situation you’ve got in your hands if that happens. Try and stay calm; your winning shots will be worth the stress.

4) Use Props

Props will do a great job of elevating all your baby’s poses to a whole new level. There are no stringent rules that work for a prop. All it takes is for you to be creative in making the most out of any accessories you choose in your poses. You can use props like a bassinet, basket, floral crowns, baby hammock, wood props, or any unique pieces. Add a comfy baby pillow, faux fur, or a blanket to give your newborn a comfortable position while posing. Ensure your baby is safe when placed in a prop. Taking photos of your newborn in different poses with the aid of props will create a stunning look and feel of the pictures.

newborn props for photography

5) Create a lovely setting

Be creative! Basic pictures of your newborn can make very charming portraits, but why not be a little bit extra! A creative setup would add a super charming touch to the outcome. Play dress up with your baby or just piece together a couple of accessories and try out a few poses in a very creative setup and backdrop. Create a unique and beautiful setting – could be vintage, an outdoor or nature-inspired background. Allow the decor and environment to add a unique story to your shoot. But of course, keep in mind that the photoshoot should be safe!

Remember, simplicity plays a vital role. You need to have the spirit aligned with a creative mind. You can either try newborn photography tips for baskets and bowls that I have shared previously or pick something else out of your mind.

Create a lovely setting

6) Take a Close Shot

Once you’ve got a pleasant setting and some cute shots of your baby, now is the time to get “up-close and personal.” LOL. You could either move closer or use your zoom lens to capture small details like the baby’s long, curly eyelashes, or the tiny fists and little toes. You might even run into some luck and catch the baby smiling while asleep. You’d love to have this kind of picture in your photo album. For an extra artistic stroke, keep the aperture wide open!

newborn posing tutorial

7) Don’t Miss Out On a Family Picture

A family picture with your newborn is a must-have! There’s no reason why the newborn’s parents and/or older siblings shouldn’t take a few shots as well. Not only is this safe, but it’s also one of the sweetest shots. Having a snapshot of an older sibling or parent who is looking lovingly at the bay can make even the most adorable portraits. In short, having the whole family in the shots will help you create massive memories!

Baby photography can be quite unpredictable, and if you’re new to it, you should plan the different poses to try out ahead of time. Inspiration can come from anywhere – from Pinterest images or maybe your neighbor’s cute little baby. Some of the typical babies pose you could try out our head in the hands' poses, bum in the air pose, or just letting your baby lie comfortably.

However, the best baby shots are often not planned and captured at surprising moments. Live in those moments and allow the baby to inspire you. Don’t always stress about getting the perfect pose in all the frames. Whether it is a full head of hair, big lovely eyes, or a cute smile or little movements like a stretch or yawn, ensure you highlight the baby’s uniqueness and beauty.

Looking for posing ideas for your newborn photoshoot can be a daunting task, but once you get it right, it will turn out to be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever done!

All the best! I know you will create amazing memories!

Don’t Miss Out On a Family Picture